No matter if you need to get rid of cement residues or tile patterns: We are able to remove 99% of all soiling on ceramic tiles, even ingrained dirt.

As experts, we are often consulted for cleaning works after water damage or fire damage.

Ceramic tiles are a real asset, beautiful to look at as well as weatherproof and resistant. Regular cleaning and care lead to a long-lasting result.

Especially outdoors, where ceramic tiles are exposed to the weather, dirt, debris and moss growth can be effectively removed. After the Finalit treatment, basic cleaning can be easier and future dirt can be prevented. The Finalit StoneCare Team cleans your ceramic tiles, quickly, effectively and thoroughly. Gentle cleaners and cleaning methods are used.

We remove stubborn installation traces (like cement bloom) completely and sustainably. Ingrained encrustations are effectively and thoroughly removed with the appropriate Finalit cleaners and our especially developed diamond, porcelain and silicon carbide brushes. If fire or water damage has left marks on your porcelain tiles, Finalit StoneCare is the right partner. We restore the original appearance of your tiles.

However, the Finalit StoneCare Team is also available for regular basic cleaning. The use of professional cleaning machines as well as the unique Finalit Cleaners remove deposits of all kinds and brings your porcelain tiles back to shine. The joints are thoroughly cleaned and no streaks remain on the surfaces of the tiles.

In addition to cleaning, an effective impregnation can makes sense, too (depending on the type of porcelain tiles).

When impregnating, we rely on gentle and environmentally friendly processes, without laser treatment or acids. Join the experts at Finalit StoneCare for cleaning and maintaining your porcelain tiles.

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