Are you uncertain which material has been installed?
The Finalit material card fan will help you out! 
This unique natural stone and porcelain tile fan reproduces a total of 185 true-to-nature surfaces: 
natural stones, including Chinese materials as well as porcelain tiles, engineered stones and mosaics.  

On the rear side, you will find the recommended Finalit treatment (cleaning, protection and maintenance) 
as well as information for the respective material.

Price: EUR 55,00 net (plus VAT and shipping costs)

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The material card fan arranges the types of stone according to the usual geological classifications into four main groups and 13 sub-groups. A colour and symbol guidance system provides a better overview of the classification and makes it far simpler to use. Additional materials, such as porcelain tiles, wood and plastics, are represented in a fifth category.

Granite (Plutonite)

plutonic rocks formed in the crust of the earth through the solidification of magma.


Marble, tiles, gneiss (metamorphic rock)

solidified metamorphic rock that has been formed by changes in the pressure, temperature and chemical milieu at a depth of 2 to 45 kilometres.


Sandstone, limestone (sedimentary rock)

stones formed through weathering, erosion, transport and sedimentation as well as subsequent diagenisis by natural binding agents.


Basalt, porphyry, trachyte (volcanic rock)

solidified rocks formed by magma flowing out or erupting onto the surface of the earth.


Other materials

standard surfaces found on the market made from different materials.