Finalit No. 30 High-Gloss Sealant for all materials

  • Long-term protection against dirt, finger prints, rust film, stains and soiling. 
  • Can be used to freshen up impregnated walls, kitchen worktops, tables. No fingerprints. 
  • The drying time is 1 hour. The curing time is 12 hours. 

Use undiluted 1 l is sufficient for 200 m².

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Short video Finalit No. 30 High-Gloss Impregnation for all materials


Suitable for stainless steel, aluminium, brass, glass, shower partition walls, fittings, plastic, wood, leather, marble, granite, ceramic, interior and exterior surfaces of cars. Houshold impregnator and car polish.

  • Use undiluted
  • 1 l is sufficient for 200 m² 
  • Pre-clean with Finalit No. 40 Citrus Scent Cleaner 
  • Then thoroughly rinse with water 
  • Apply undiluted Finalit No. 30 High-Gloss Impregnation as thinly as possible onto the clean and dry surface using a soft cloth and polish immediately using a dry cloth 
  • It must be applied several times if used for leather 
  • With larger areas, spray on using an airless device - wear dust masks!
  • The drying time is 1 hour (the curing  time is 12 hours.) 
  • You need to make your own tests

Finalit No. 30 is an excellent polish for vehicles with protection for all interior and exterior surfaces, such as paintwork, rims (no brake dust residues), glass, plastic and leather.