Basic cleaning

  • For the basic cleaning of badly soiled surfaces. 
  • Stain remover, grout cleaner, high grease absorber, mould remover. 

Can be diluted up to 1:20 with water depending on the degree of soiling. 1 litre is sufficient for 80 m².

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Impregnation / protection

  • High-gloss, long-term protection against environmental influences. 
  • Freshens up the gloss of floors, gloss finish for matt floors. 
  • For interior use only! The drying time is approx. 1-2 hours. 

The curing time is 24 hours. Can be diluted 1:3 with water. 1 litre is sufficient for 50 m²

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Short video Finalit No. 23 High-Gloss Impregnation

plus anti-slip effect

  • Slip resistance and long-term protection for floors with smooth surfaces. The gloss remains preserved completely. 
  • Protection against stains and soiling. 
  • Breathable. Transparent. The Goretex effect. 
  • Resistant to UV-rays, de-icing salt, chlorine. Food safe. 
  • Graffiti protection. For interior and exterior use! Drying time, 1 - 2 hours, curing  time, 24 hours. 

Pre-treatment with Finalit No. 21S Pores Filler or No. 21 Fixative Penetrating Stopper is recommended! Care with Finalit No. 40 Citrus Scent Cleaner (without soap or products similar to soap) in order to maintain the slip resistance! The temperature of the object must be above +10°C. 

Use undiluted 1 litre is sufficient for 100m².

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