Finalit No. 40 Citrus Scent Cleaner (pH-neutral)

  • One product for all houshold surfaces. 
  • pH-neutral. 
  • Citrus Scent
  • Without acid or soap, without alcohol. 
  • Grease absorbant. 
  • Slightly glossy. 
  • Biodegradable. 
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No layer formation or streaks. 
  • Maintains the slip resistance. 

Water-dilutable up to 1:100, also suitable for cleaning using a machine (no froth).
One product for all houshold surfaces.

pH-neutral, no acid, thus no loss of gloss and no destruction of the joints

  • Concentration, thus cost-effective 
  • Water-dilutable up to 1:100, also suitable for cleaning using a machine (no froth) 
  • ONE care cleaner for ALL houshold materials or objects: bathroom, toilet, kitchen, marble, granite, parquet, linoleum, plastic materials, nirosta, brass, chrome, glass, TV and computer screens. Mirrors, interior and exterior car wash 
  • Trade and industry 
  • No soap, but tenside (shampoo)
  • Anti-slip properties are preserved 
  • Does not contain alcohol 
  • No layer formation or streaks (no dirt trap)
  • Citrus odour / grease absorber / moderate gloss
  • For all impregnated surfaces 
  • Finalit No. 40 Citrus Scent Cleaner is biologically degradable and therefore environment-friendly

Suitable for all natural and artificial stones!

  • Can be diluted up to 1:100 with water depending on the degree of soiling.
  • 1 l is sufficient for 1,000 m² 

Cleaning by hand: 

  • Dose Finalit No. 40 using the cap. 
  • Dilute the dosed amount with water. One container cap per 5 litre bucket of water.
  • Immerse the brush or cloth in the bucket and apply.
  • Squeegee off the wet floor. Vacuum off residue once a month.

Cleaning by machine: 

  • Approx. 0.1 litre to 1.0 litre per 100 litres of water. Clean with a white brush (machine or by hand) or white pad.
  • Exposure time up to 10 minutes 
  • Vacuum off residue
  • Finished - clean and desinfected surface!
  • Extract the water used for wiping, then there will be no lime residue from dried water! Especially visible on dark floors. Use a water extractor or wipe dry.