Every day we fulfil every order with full personal involvement and know-how.

The quality of product and service are an everyday reality at Finalit. Our client references and our Finalit Academy are the proof.

Finalit products

The Finalit product range has been developed on the basis of our many years of experience in practical stonemason expertise and is aimed at providing fast and efficient solutions to problems on construction sites, such as stains, joint edge discolouration, coatings, efflorescence as well as addressing issues such as long-term protection, anti-slip impregnations, graffiti protection and much, much more. 

Finalit products are:

  • concentrated, so they go a long way: 1 litre of impregnation is sufficient for up to 100 m², depending on the absorbency of the treated material 
  • Finalit water-based cleaners and impregnations can be diluted with water, depending on the degree of soiling (cleaners) and absorbency (impregnations)  

Finalit impregnations: 

  • are based on synthetic polymers, and thus compatible with all materials
  • do not contain wax, silicone or acrylic
  • are breathable - the Goretex effect
  • are resistant against stains and water-repellent
  • are resistant against UV-rays and de-icing salt
  • are resistant against graffiti
  • are impregnations and not superficial coatings, thus the long-term effect

Finalit impregnations have been tested and approved by:

  • the Testing and Research Institute of the City of Vienna, MA 39
  • the Department of Antiquities in Cairo
  • the University of Cologne
  • the EMPA Institute in Switzerland
  • the Wismar Construction Material Testing Centre
  • the BTI in Linz

Finalit references are a guarantee of quality:

Finalit Service

Finalit offers a unique service, a worldwide technical support and on-site service provided by professional Finalit teams, whose continuous training ensures they live up to demands of Finalit quality.  


Finalit Academy

Finalit Academy provides a sound platform for imparting the knowledge required by users of Finalit products. This facility, offers 1-day and 2-day training courses. The goal of the Finalit Academy is to develop specialists and interested persons into experts and problem solvers



ANKÖ Austrian Register of Tenderers

We are again listed in the Austrian Register of Tenderers in 2021 (in accordance with the provisions of the BVergG as amended, ÖNORM A 2053:2019-02 and Directives 2014/24/EU and 2014/25/EU).
The company's proof of suitability is available to the contracting authority for suitability testing under company code 20864.

More information: ANKÖ

Finalit certified as Austrian leading company

We have fulfilled the quality criteria of Leitbetriebe Austria and are pleased to be part of the platform for distinguished Austrian companies. #leitbetriebeaustria#mia

Freeman of London 2006 / Margit Leidinger awarded honorary title

In appreciation of her work on the Princess Diana memorial in London, Margit Leidinger was awarded the honorary title of Freeman of the City of London. 

Freedom of the City, also know as the Key to the City , is one of the oldest surviving, originally British honours that a citizen could – and still can – receive in the English-speaking world. Any person awarded the title Freeman of the City for life has the right to this title even if that person is a woman.

Woman Award 2008 for Margit Leidinger

The WOMAN Award is awarded to particularly dedicated and innovative women: the award has been presented at a gala event by Federal Minister Doris Bures and WOMAN Editor-in-Chief, Euke Frank.


Schrittmacher ("Pacemaker") Prize 2009 for Finalit

Remarkable achievements deserve to be recognized! 

The basic idea behind the prize – presented in cooperation between the State of Upper Austria, the Upper Austria technology and marketing society, The Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Upper Austrian Insurance, Raiffeisen Bank of Upper Austria and Life Radio – is to acknowledge pioneering innovations in Upper Austrian enterprises. 

The Schrittmacher prize focuses on all Upper Austrian companies that distinguish themselves through exceptional prioneering achievements that they go on to implement with sustainable success.

Pegasus 2008 Recognition for Finalit

The Pegasus prize, awarded annually for various categories by the newspaper "Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten" is the most prestigious business award in the state.


Pegasus 2012 Recognition for Finalit

The Pegasus prize, awarded annually for various categories by the newspaper "Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten" is the most prestigious business award in the state.